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Constructive, rewarding, and fun after school care for elementary grades K-5.

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Discover Why So Many Parents Choose TopKick.

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Topkick's award winning After School Program originated as one of the first such programs way back in 1995. Over the decades the program has grown from that first small group to hundreds of after school students each year across our five locations. The program is founded upon the same deep martial art traditions that are found in our martial art classes, with the added benefit of supplying safe, reliable, and constructive after school care. With transportation from school, coverage on select school holidays, and convenient tuition options it's proven a great fit for so many families across Northern Virginia. We're so confident in the program we'll even let you try it out at no risk. Click "Get Started & Try" anywhere on this page and discover the benefits.

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  • A Super Easy Trial

    If you're looking for a constructive alternative to standard after school care you've come to the right place. We've made it easy to try TopKick's After School Program with no-obligation or risk—simply try our program and see if it's a good fit for your child (and family). You'll have plenty of time to experience TopKick, meet other TopKick families, and ask questions. Simply click any "Get Started & Try" button.

  • Perfect For Parents

    Our After School Program is wonderful for children but it's also great for parents. No more rushing to pick up your child from school—we provide daily transportation on our purpose built buses. Each day includes structured time for food and homework and extended pick-up hours at no additional charge. Couple that with coverage on many school holidays and you see why so many parents love TopKick.

  • All Inclusive Tuition

    Your tuition covers virtually everything your child needs as a TopKick student. No hidden fees and no up-charges. Tuition includes all transportation, martial art instruction, in-school activities, and those awesome extended pick-up hours. School holiday? No problem. Your tuition includes complimentary full-day camps on many school holidays. One simple payment—plenty of value.

  • Seeing Is Believing

    Make sure to see the program photos we've gathered below. We hope the smiling faces of some of our after school children will convey the positive structured fun that is built into each after school day at TopKick. Also make sure to read our reviews online and discover what other parent's like you have to say—discover why so many area parents choose TopKick.

Proudly Serving These Area Schools

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Check Out Our After School Trial.

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What Should You Expect From Our Program?

Parents love a lot of things about TopKick's After School Program. Our positive and supportive teaching style coupled with an awesome curriculum is likely near the top of everyone's list. Our time tested Taekwondo based curriculum is tailored to deliver real results. Even the youngest of our students experiences awesome improvements in strength, coordination, flexibility, and agility. However, it's the changes that are not so outwardly apparent that deliver life-long benefits that extend well beyond the Dojang floor.

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  • A Supportive Culture

    TopKick Potomac Falls is positive and fun...expect to see tons of smiles and plenty of high fives. We have a wonderful support group of dedicated instructors, staff, and families who have made our After School Program a truly unique care option. Each day offers challenge in a positively unique way. Our awesome team keeps children moving through these challenges and moving forward to achieve things that once seemed impossible.

  • Profound Emotional Benefits

    Learning a martial art is not easy, and it takes time. Almost every student wants to quit at some point—its difficult. However, with each challenge there are victories. With each victory (big and small) students grow emotionally and in this growth each student (or parent) begins to see virtuous traits like self-confidence, respect, compassion, integrity, and humility. This cycle of challenge and success is perhaps the greatest gift the martial arts have to offer.

  • Awesome Physical Benefits

    Our Taekwondo based martial art classes offer an incredible full-body workout for each student, regardless of age. Each kick, punch, block, and stance demands that our large core muscles are engaged. Every skip, slide, and jump hones critical fine motor skills. The results are indisputable. Our students become stronger, more flexible, more agile, and experience awesome gains in stamina. Our classes generate strong, healthy individuals.

  • Skills For Life

    The benefits associated with our After School Program has made us the go-to spot for so many Sterling area parents for well over two decades. Our students are inspired to improve balance, speed, strength, and flexibility daily. Virtually unbeknownst to them they also experience profound emotional growth. All of these benefits extend well beyond our walls and positively impact each child in school, at home, and among their friends. They develop skills that last a lifetime.

Try Potomac Falls's After School Program.

Have your child join us for one of our amazing After School Program trials. They will have a blast and you'll have plenty of time to evaluate TopKick. Take the first step by clicking the "Get Started & Try" button below. If you prefer you can give us a call or stop by and visit. If you call or visit be sure to mention that you would like the online rates and we'll be happy to offer those to you.

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No School? Prepare For Awesome!

Experience the same incredible level of awesome found in our summer camps on select school holidays. Click "Explore" below to check out all of our day camp offerings, costs, and availability. Want to ensure that you have a spot? Pre-register for as many camps as you wish now and have no worries later. We'll see you in camp!

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About Us & Our Purpose

TopKick is an award winning group of Taekwondo based martial art schools with many convenient locations in Northern Virginia (Loudoun County). We focus on supplying a family friendly atmosphere and an awesome martial arts education. Our programs include Taekwondo classes for ages 4 to adult, fitness kickboxing classes for men and women, after school martial arts care for elementary aged school children, and summer camps (as well as other school holidays) for children aged 4 to 12. Our commitment to each student and passion for the martial arts is reflected in our purpose: "We empower human potential and spark the adventure of self-discovery. We make the world a better place. Everyday."


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