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Warning! Your Child Won't Want To Leave :-)

Award winning full-day summer and holiday camps for ages 4-12.

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Why Do So Many Parents Choose TopKick Camps?

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When Loudoun County Schools are closed there are likely children having a blast at TopKick. Our day camps offer the same fun, energetic, and constructive martial arts study found throughout our other programs. However, our camps go well beyond being "just" a martial arts camp. TopKick camp days are full of exciting excursions, crazy cool science experiments, physically focused games, sports, fantastic team building exercises, chill time, and leisurely lunches (and snacks). We are proud that so many Sterling area parents consistently vote TopKick camps to many "best of" lists year after year. Click any "Explore" button and prepare for awesome :-)

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  • Perfectly Convenient

    We keep all of our traffic fighting parents in mind and offer early drop-off and extended pick-up at no extra charge (days typically begin as early as 7:15 AM and keep rocking until 6:15 PM). Each day is structured and incredibly fun. Perhaps most importantly your children will want to be here...our children often wish to stay at the end of the day, however, we are not that convenient :-)

  • A Supportive Culture

    Put simply our Potomac Falls summer & holiday camps are awesomely fun (this helps for those early morning drop-offs). Perhaps more importantly our camp culture is a direct extension of our overall philosophy of structured and constructive fun in a supportive environment. Campers are encouraged to challenge themselves daily but are always guided with a caring hand.

  • All Inclusive Tuition

    You supply the lunch we supply everything else. Your camp tuition is all inclusive and covers everything our camps have to offer. All of your child's martial arts instruction is included (we even include a complimentary uniform). All field trip transportation and admission fees are also included. Each and every crazy craft and whacky in-school science experiment is also covered. No up-charges...just fun.

  • See For Yourself

    Check out some of the awesome camp craziness in the photos below. We have worked hard, and are proud, of each and every smile that you see. We'll happily share more information about our camps at any time (just contact us) but we also encourage you to read what other parents have to say about their experience with TopKick Summer & Holiday camps. Don't wait too long...camps fill quickly.

Check Out Camp Rates & Availability Here.

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Dynamically Diverse Days With Awesome Impact.

Sometimes people assume that our camps only consist of martial arts practice, and are thus only for our students. While this is still an occasional misconception most Northern Virginia parents have long ago discovered this isn't the case. While our camps deliver the same quality martial art instruction found in all of our other programs, they also offer a wonderful, well rounded, camp experience for girls and boys who are 4 to 12 years of age. Our camp days are high energy, incredibly fun, and physically focused. We offer camps all summer long, during spring break, and on select school holidays. Check out all of our Potomac Falls camp offerings by clicking any "Explore" button.

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  • Physically Focused

    TopKick camp days are filled with constructive games, drills, races, and inspiring martial arts instruction. Many of our activities have one thing in common—exercise. It's our belief that many children do not get enough of the physical exercise that is vital for a healthy lifestyle. This belief of course is supported by many researchers. Our camps do their part by supplying inspiring physical fun each day.

  • Emotionally Rewarding

    Our campers certainly enjoy the martial art practice, games, and activities. While parents certainly think that is cool, they really appreciate the rewarding emotional growth each camper experiences. Each of our campers will experience all of the benefits typically associated with our other "more traditional" martial art programs, while also enjoying tons of opportunity to expand their horizons.

  • Diverse Camp Days

    As one might imagine our children will have plenty of opportunity for play, exercise, and martial art study. However, that is only the beginning of the fun. We also include exciting (and educational) weekly excursions that work to inspire and motivate children. Each camp week is awesomely themed with exciting in-school activities that play of of the weekly theme. Each day, each week, is a new adventure.

  • Awesomely Fun

    Parents often tell us that their children love coming to TopKick. As you can imagine it's wonderful to hear that. It's been our experience that children will benefit from our programs if we can keep them motivated and wanting to come back. To do this we've created an awesome culture of fun that is constructive, rewarding, and purposeful. It's the best of both worlds—fun with life changing results.

Grab The Best Summer Rates Here.

Click the "Explore" button below for more information about each specific camp, camp tuition and availability. Camps often fill quickly so be sure to secure your spot early. Give our camps a try and discover what so many Northern Virginia parents already know—TopKick Camps rock!

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No School? Prepare For Awesome!

Experience the same incredible level of awesome found in our summer camps on select school holidays. Click "Explore" below to check out all of our day camp offerings, costs, and availability. Want to ensure that you have a spot? Pre-register for as many camps as you wish now and have no worries later. We'll see you in camp!

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About Us & Our Purpose

TopKick is an award winning group of Taekwondo based martial art schools with many convenient locations in Northern Virginia (Loudoun County). We focus on supplying a family friendly atmosphere and an awesome martial arts education. Our programs include Taekwondo classes for ages 4 to adult, fitness kickboxing classes for men and women, after school martial arts care for elementary aged school children, and summer camps (as well as other school holidays) for children aged 4 to 12. Our commitment to each student and passion for the martial arts is reflected in our purpose: "We empower human potential and spark the adventure of self-discovery. We make the world a better place. Everyday."


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