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Try TopKick Potomac Falls Fitness Kickboxing.

Getting fit requires goal setting, knowledge, motivation, effort, support, and an effective workout. We deliver each of these crucial ingredients in a fun, positive, community-like atmosphere. Our kickboxing classes (known as TKfit) are 45 min high energy kickboxing classes purpose built to build shed pounds and build muscle. Taking the first step towards better fitness is often the biggest hurdle. We've made it incredibly easy to try our classes...simply click on any "Get Started & Try" button and grab our amazing online only trial offer. Bring your fitness to the next level and get tkfit at TopKick!

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  • Grab Your Trial

    If you're searching for a way to get into shape and stay that way you've come to the right place. Grab one of our online only trials today and start your journey to better fitness. Shed those pounds, melt that stress, and have fun doing it! Take the opportunity to try our classes, meet our coaches, and talk with other members. Our trial is conveniently simple and offers the perfect introduction.

  • Join The Community

    Our TKfit classes are made up of a wonderful community of men and women who are positive, supportive, and ready to drive you towards your fitness goals. If you've tried navigating the road to fitness by yourself with limited success perhaps something was missing. In our experience that missing link is often a community of peers to help motivate you along the way. TKfit is that community.

  • Enjoy The Flexibility

    Our TKfit kickboxing classes offer flexible attendance and convenient class times so that finding the time is one less thing to worry about. To discover more about class times simply click any "Get Started & Try" button on this page. If you have questions we are of course happy to answer them (just contact us). Regardless be sure to take that first step and grab our awesome online trial and see for yourself.

  • What Other's Say

    If you've put on extra pounds or wish to fend off the fitness slide join us for a trial. You will be motivated, you will have fun, and you will feel the results. Don't just take our word for it however, be sure to read our reviews below. Also check out the program photos that we've gathered for a glimpse into the awesomely upbeat community of men and women that make TKfit so great.

Ready To Get Fit? Let's Go!

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What To Expect From Classes

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Are you ready to shed unwanted pounds? Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life?. Join the fun, positive, community-like atmosphere that is TopKick Potomac Falls and their TKfit Program. Whether it's your first class or your one hundredth class it will be fun, inviting, motivational, and friendly. We encourage you to find that desire to change and discover your motivation among like minded peers. Regardless of your age or initial fitness level you will get results with TKfit. Now let's get started!

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  • Get Motivated

    As we age and life becomes increasingly hectic most men and women struggle to stay in shape. As our responsibilities mount our health is often the first thing neglected. Having a desire to get healthy is often easier than finding the motivation to do it. We encourage you to find motivation to do one simple thing today—register for a TKfit trial. Simply give it a try and take that first step.

  • Become Educated

    Putting in the physical effort to get fit is a critical ingredient in getting fit. However, educating oneself on diet and what fitness means to our bodies is just as important. Many of us have tried the physical part without the education part. It's our belief that real health and wellness requires both. Our TKfit coaches and others in the TKfit community offer a wonderful insight into what it takes to be truly fit.

  • Be Supported

    Blast past your fitness goals with the support of the TKfit community and also be a support system for others just like you. That's what makes TKfit so special. Sure our curriculum is time tested and proven to generate results for those who put in the work. But the real ingredient that makes TKfit special are the wonderful members who take our class and share their support of others. Be supported and get TKfit.

  • Get Results

    Perhaps your goal is to shed fifty pounds, one hundred pounds, or twenty pounds. Perhaps your weight is fine but you desire more lean muscle mass. Whatever your goals you will get results with TKfit kickboxing if you put in the work. The curriculum is proven to generate results. The culture is one that supports and motivates. The ingredients are there for you to achieve your goals. Now just do the work.

Try Kickboxing & Crush Those Calories!

Join the TKfit Potomac Falls community and get healthy. Shed those unwanted pounds and discover wellness with our calorie crushing workouts. All it takes is one small first step...we know you'll be hooked. Click "Get Started & Try" below to grab one of our awesome online only trials.

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About Us & Our Purpose

TopKick is an award winning group of Taekwondo based martial art schools with many convenient locations in Northern Virginia (Loudoun County). We focus on supplying a family friendly atmosphere and an awesome martial arts education. Our programs include Taekwondo classes for ages 4 to adult, fitness kickboxing classes for men and women, after school martial arts care for elementary aged school children, and summer camps (as well as other school holidays) for children aged 4 to 12. Our commitment to each student and passion for the martial arts is reflected in our purpose: "We empower human potential and spark the adventure of self-discovery. We make the world a better place. Everyday."


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